Lou Canon: Sleeper Wave

Lou Canon- Sleeper Wave (Paper Bag Records): The Toronto-based singer/songwriter is releasing her new album, Audomatic Body, tomorrow (July 10). Some advance tracks have come out, and lead album single Ancient Chamber sits at #2 on the CBC R3 Top 10 this week. It has been followed by Sleeper Wave, surfing our way this week. 

A label press release states that "the song is inspired by Canon's reverence for the ocean and the loss of a close friend. During the writing process by the sea, she would 'pass by these cautionary signs warning about the sleeper wave: a rogue wave that would creep up out of nowhere, take you from your lull of comfort, and drag you deep into the unknown waters. They were unpredictable. Striking at random. So wildly devastating.'"

On the track, Canon’s airy voice floats atop a dreamy, synth-layered soundscape in a seductively trippy fashion. Mesmerising stuff.

Sleeper Wave was co-written with Grammy-winner producer Mark Lawson (Arcade Fire, Timber Timbre, Basia Bulat), who produced the album in Montreal, with some parts made in home set-ups at a little cabin in the Russian River, up north, in Grey County, Prince Edward County and in Toronto. The 10 tracks on Audomatic Body also feature guest vocalists, Ariel Engle (Broken Social Scene/La Force), Hayden (Canon's brother-in-law), Tim Kingsbury (Arcade Fire) and Brendan Reed (The Unicorns/Arcade Fire). 

US blogs have been praising Canon's new work, and it definitely merits attention here.

As well as a CD version, Audomatic Body will be released on limited edition ruby red vinyl.





PR: Julie Booth, Freshly Pressed

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