Kanye Instagram posting
Kanye Instagram posting

Kanye Wants Matt Zimbel For VP Post In West's White House

Crazy day at the loft. Kanye West called to ask if I would be willing to be vetted for the position of Vice President for his presidential run in 2020.  I respectfully reminded him that we worked together in 2015 at the Pan Am Games Closing and that we agreed that he was kind of, um, “erratic”.  He noted that the current resident of the White House was kind of erratic and he thinks that’s what voters are looking for.

We agreed that if I pass the vetting, and we win the election, we will split the work, I will legislate and he will Tweet.

I asked him if Trump was behind his run and he was cagey with his response. Cuz, I’m hearing things like Trump thinks Kanye will peel off the Black vote from Biden.  Only the “least racist person on earth” would believe that Black American voters would be voting for Kanye because he is Black.  That’s like saying that all American crazy people will vote for Kanye because he is… wait a minute this argument isn’t working that well.

Anywho – pumped about being vetted.  Never been vetted for VP before – I hear it is like getting a colonoscopy from a 1st-year medical student.





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