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Media Beat: August 31, 2020

Apple’s plays twist & shout litigation

Last weeks' piece about trillion-dollar Apple suing the 5-person Prepear company for copyright infringement neglected to mention something.

Not only did Apple steal their logo from the Beatles' Apple Records, but they also stole their whole identity from them. Some people gotta lotta nerve. – Bob Hoffman, The Ad Contrarian

CRTC gives Haitian radio station CPAM 1410 another chance

Almost a month after refusing to renew the licence of country music station CJMS 1040 for failure to abide by its licence conditions, the CRTC has ended the suspense of what it would do for sister station CPAM Radio Union (CJWI) 1410, which was brought before the commission on the same day to answer the same apparent compliance issues.

In a decision published Thursday, the commission has decided to give that station another chance, renewing its licence for two years and imposing special conditions including three mandatory orders (even though it found the station in breach of two of its three previous mandatory orders), a requirement to broadcast their non-compliance, and a de facto fine of $2,836 (for the harm done to the Canadian music industry by not playing enough Canadian music).

The renewal comes despite the commission finding that “the licensee seems to lack both the willingness and the knowledge required to operate the station in compliance.” – Steve Faguy, Fagstein

Northwestel set to roll out unlimited internet plans in four NW territories

 Yellowknife and three other communities in the NWT will begin receiving unlimited data for Internet packages on Nov. 1, Northwestel confirmed Friday.

Fort Smith, Norman Wells and Hay River will also receive the unlimited data options, said Northwestel spokesperson Andrew Anderson.

In addition, Whitehorse and Carcross in the Yukon, and Fort Nelson in B.C. will benefit from the unlimited data connections. Construction of a cable connection to Inuvik is supposed to start soon. – Blair McBride, NNSL Media

The Star newsroom goes ballistic over Rosie DiManno’s barbed opinions

“DiManno has been degrading and aggressive to members of multiple departments and has never faced repercussions that we have seen, given their continuous occurrence,” said a letter signed by 60 journalists from across the newsroom, from radio-room interns to high-profile beat reporters, from team editors to staff photographers. “This bullying happens over the phone, in direct emails, and out in the open. Our managers have not acted. We are all aware of the pervasive abuse these teams have been subjected to. We feel this impunity reflects a larger culture at this newsroom.”

Neither management nor the marquee staff writer has responded. – Jonathan Goldsbie, Canadaland

Crisis at the LA Times

“This very much feels like a sink-or-swim moment for the paper,” a veteran reporter says

One year ago, top editors at the Los Angeles Times delivered a sobering update to the newsroom: The future of the paper was at stake. With 170,000 digital subscribers, the Times was far from its target of 300,000 for the year — a number that didn’t even cover half of the newsroom’s costs. It was an alarmed call to action, leading to the formation of a special “sprint” team to focus on increasing conversions — whereby a non-subscribing reader takes the plunge to become a subscriber — and a plea that everyone in the newsroom make subscription conversions their “top priority.”

Now, a full year later, the Times has barely surpassed its previous goals. – J. Clara Chan, The Wrap

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