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Lyne Tremblay: Dancing Fool

Lyne Tremblay - Dancing Fool (Independent). This acclaimed Montreal vocalist, actor and dancer releases a new album, Get To It,  tomorrow. It sure took Tremblay a while to get to it, given that her previous album, the bilingual jazz release Break 'N Enter, came out in 2004.

In between, she has continued to make a splash in theatre, film, TV, and cabaret. Her fascinating resume ranges from Atlantic City to Cats, Cabaret, and Street Legal, and much more, but it is pleasing to see her return to music.

This album focus track and video is an aural and visual treat destined to put a smile on your dial. Produced by Matt Zimbel (of Manteca fame) and Erik West Milette  (West Trainz), the bilingual tune is a neat hybrid of retro Latin sounds (including Zimbel's signature percussion work) and Western guitar twang, and Tremblay's sultry vocals are full of verve. The accompanying clip, co-directed by Tremblay and Hugh John Murray, is a clever montage of dance scenes from old black and white films.

In a press release, she explains that "This song is about my first love; Dance! When I was 8, I discovered old dance movies on the first TV set we ever owned. I would stand in front of the set for hours and copy every move the dancers made. I was hooked. I wanted to do what they did. I started dance classes which led me to a career as a professional dancer that took me around the world. This video is the expression of the freedom of dance. Dance without inhibitions - let the music move you..."

Stylistically, Get To It  is described as "roots-cabaret-redux," with a blend of original compositions in English, French and Spanish and a fresh take on seminal songs like Grace Jones' Slave to the Rhythm,' Leonard Cohen’s Dance Me to the End of Love, David Gilmour's This Heaven, and the Rolling Stones’ classic Mother’s Little Helper. We are certainly eager to hear more.

Tremblay will launch Get To It with a unique virtual theatrical event called Living in Limbo on March 26 at 7:15 pm EST. Details here 





Management and booking info: Info@lynetremblay.com

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