Rik with wife Jeannette Ann - Instagram.
Rik with wife Jeannette Ann - Instagram.

A Podcast Conversation with...Rik Emmett

A debut collection of poetry from the lead guitarist of the multi-platinum record-selling legendary band Triumph will soon become available. Rik Emmett’s Reinvention: Poems (September 14, 2021) is a largely autobiographical collection of poetry. This project followed on the heels of Rik retiring from life as a touring musician and college educator in early 2019.

Inside all the slashes that define him — singer/songwriter/guitarist/rock star/teacher/columnist — writing has always been his strongest avocation. In his debut collection, you’ll find poems about mortality, family life, politics, Canadiana and much more. A lot of the poems are about retirement and coping with aging. There’s a lot of vulnerability in embarking on a new journey as you get older.

Learn more in this FYI podcast.

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