Canada Hits 2B Weekly Audio Streams Milestone

The latest figures show Canada has hit a milestone in music listening with Canadians streaming more than 2 billion audio streams in a single week. The figure was announced Wednesday by MRC Data a global provider of data and analytics to the entertainment and music industries.

"A little over two years ago Canada reached 1.5 billion weekly audio streams," said Rob Jonas, CEO P-MRC Data.  "With the Canadian audio streaming market currently up over 12 percent year over year from 2020, we certainly expect to see more record weeks in the future." 

Music Canada CEO Patrick Rogers also commented on the new weekly number: "Two billion on-demand audio streams in a week is a huge accomplishment for Canada's music marketplace. This number includes streams from licensed services like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and Tidal (that) provide music fans with on-demand access to more than 70 million licensed songs - a level of access that is leading to more music being played and consumed than ever before."

It’s important to note that the total is calculated exclusively from audio stream services and excludes the more than 150 million weekly video streams from services such as YouTube.

By genre, Canadians are streaming the following in the past week:

  • Pop - 32%

  • R&B/Hip-Hop - 13%

  • Rock - 12%

  • Alternative Rock - 6%

  • Country - 6%

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