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2022 Prism Prize Eligible Video: BadBadNotGood - Open Channels

The 2021 Prism Prize for Best Canadian Music Video was awarded to Theo Kapodistrias, for his clip for Haviah Mighty’s Thirteen. We will continue to profile noteworthy Canadian videos that are eligible for the 2022 prize, including this one from an adventurous Grammy-winning jazz combo.

BadBadNotGood - Open Channels

Two-time Grammy award-winning BadBadNotGood (BBNG) is a production collective out of Toronto. Since forming in 2010, the ensemble has released 5 studio albums, a handful of mixtapes and collaborated with some of the biggest names in hip-hop, including Tyler the Creator and Ghostface Killah. Their discography is quite diverse but frequently blends Hip Hop and Jazz production to create smooth melodies. 

BBNG’s music video for “Open Channels doesn’t stray too far musically from their jazz roots and definitely leans more heavily towards that genre than any other. From smooth saxophone to the constant presence of hi-hats, the track has an almost dream-like quality, devoid of any strong repetition as it meanders to its conclusion. The visuals then, are fitting, opening with a card that says “BadBadNotGood in Cinemascope”.

Cinemascope is a largely outdated lens that was used primarily in the 60s film industry. That is why the video feels like a 1960’s art-house film, the grain and texture given by this filming method make it look less like a modern music video and more like something a film Michelangelo Antonioni would have made half a century ago. The coloured effects only add to this feeling of a 60’s dream state and the out-of-sync music with the musicians playing them is the cherry on top. All in all, five minutes well spent.

BadBadNotGood will be in Montreal on Aug. 31, Ottawa on Sept. 1, and Toronto on Sept. 2. Check out their tour dates here

Director: Sylvain Chaussée

Production Company: tranquilo

Producer: Pia Perez

Cinematographer / Editor: Sylvain Chaussée

Camera Assistant: John Price

Wardrobe: Eske Schiralli + MAD Mfg

Film Painting & Animation: Sylvain Chaussée

Production Assistant: Warren Katz

Titles: Ivan Narez

Film Lab: Niagara Custom Lab

Film Scanning: Mainfilm

Shot on 35mm Kodak Film, in CinemaScope

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