A Podcast Conversation With ... Al Runt

When reflecting on that vibrant Queen Street art scene of the ‘80s, we know who the music culprits are, the nightclubs that pushed the envelope, fashion designers and underground papers, yet one of the brightest achievements was the artwork that accompanied this renaissance – the artists who filled the walls with splashes of colour. The murals, the brochures, postcards, album covers, glassware, buses, shelters - you name it  - three from that era stay with us – Barbara Klunder, Kurt Swinghammer and Al Runt. From Kensington Market to Queen Street and beyond, we became familiar with their styles and ability to cause us to pause and take note.

In today’s podcast – the one the only Al Runt!

Alex Currie, better known by his artistic moniker RUNT or Al Runt, began his art career in Toronto’s underground scene in the early ’80s, drawing posters to hang around the Cameron House, and eventually landing the gig to paint the now-iconic mural outside Lee’s Palace. He and his army of neon monsters and rascally creatures amassed a devoted following among musicians and other artists, as the Lee’s mural made the venue one of the city’s most recognizable buildings.

Grüezi - Al Runt

On Thursday, June 30 at 7 pm, Worth Gallery welcomes and celebrates the whimsical genius that is Al Runt and his new art show Grüezi featuring his classical out-of-this-world characterizations.

As Toronto's premier street art and mural-focused contemporary gallery, we cannot overlook Al Runt's contribution to our city's expanding cityscape canvas. We look forward to sharing Al's brilliance with you during his June 30 to July 10 art show as we present Grüezi.

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