Taylor Swift image from her promo video.
Taylor Swift image from her promo video.

By The Numbers: Taylor Swift's 6 Nights In Canada Tour

The Taylor Swift Eras tour is a logistics juggernaut and has earned almost unanimous praise for its intricate spectacle as the 12-time Grammy winner woos her fans with a 3-hour, 44-song set that trips down a memory road spanning a 17-year career.

In total, the Eras tour - which commenced on March 17 in Glendale, Ca., and winds up in Nov. 2024 at the Rogers Centre in Toronto, includes 146 shows across five continents.

It is unquestionably the biggest, most expensive tour undertaken, and the reward is equally the biggest with The Wall Street Journal speculating that Eras is on track to become the biggest in concert history with a potential gross of over US$1B and Pollstar suggesting ticket stub sales could top $1.4B. According to Bloomberg News, the reported per-show ticket average for US shows is $13.6$49 and $449, with VIP packages starting at $199.

Swift and Messina Touring Group, an Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG) partner, would have invested millions of dollars in pre-show logistics, staging and rehearsals before a single ticket was sold.

The ticket prices affixed to this story are generalized and logically a great number are sold on the web by companies other than Ticketmaster. The initial round of ticket prices released in Canada can be described as exorbitant; however, so long as fans are prepared to pay sky-high prices it's a case of market demand, and until fans balk at purchasing tickets the prices will continue to escalate. It should be noted, too, that ticket pricing is usually done with the consent of the artist's management team, but it's Ticketmaster that takes the heat.

Below are some facts and figures about the Eras tour with source credits at the foot of the collection.

  • Total number of shows so far posted for the Eras tour – 146

  • Number of trucks to transport staging, show props and costumes –  90

  • Number of days for riggers and stagers to prepare her show –  3

  • Number of continents the tour stops in –  5: North America, South America, Europe, Australia and Asia.

  • Number of countries the tour stops in – 22

  • Total number of albums sold and tracks streamed in Canada to date – 2.7M albums sold and a cumulative 4.3B tracks streamed

  • Total number of albums sold worldwide – 114M

  • Average box office gross on the Eras tour so far – US13.6M

  • Estimated box office gross for the first 22 American dates – $300M

  • Estimated tour gross – $US1B

  • Number of shows in Canada – 6, in 2024, on Nov. 14, 15, 16, 21, 22 and 23 at the Rogers Centre in Toronto

  • Rogers Centre capacity – 49,286

  • Potential audience attendance – 295K+

  • Average posted Ticketmaster show price (based on US figures) – $49 and $449, with VIP packages starting at $199 and going up to $899. Of course, with demand exceeding supply expect the actual cost per ticket to be way, way more.

  • Possible Rogers Centre ticket gross ($13.6m X 6 shows) – $81.6M

  • Revenue guestimate from merchandise sales over 6 shows – $12M

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