May 30, 2018
by Sharon Taylor

I’ve learned a bazillion things over the years that have helped me in my career, but this is the big one. Be responsible.

Drake poses with his 2010 Juno Awards in St. John's. Pic: Ryan Remiorz, CP
March 23, 2018
by External Source

In a time when Daniel Caesar and Drake run streaming, will the Junos properly recognize the Black artists drawing attention to Canada's music scene?

Senator Joe McCarthy during his reign of red scare terror over Hollywood
February 21, 2018
by David Farrell

Is Hedley guilty of anything more than being blackballed by the music industry for alleged sexual misconduct?

Pic: Shutterstock
February 5, 2018
by Sharon Taylor

I have always suspected that one of the reasons we don’t see more women breaking through the glass ceiling is because women have never been part of this club that keeps these kinds of secrets or protects this type of intimidation, bullying and criminal behaviour.

January 22, 2018
by External Source

The international movement to push back against the Google/Facebook duopoly stems from a belated realization that, in the border-blurring digital era, old culture laws too often inadvertently imperil domestic media and the stories they tell. The playing field is perversely tilted.

Kaytranada sets up while SOCAN CEO Eric Baptiste addresses the audience at the 2017 Canada @ The Grammys party, co-presented by SOCAN in LA.
January 3, 2018
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Cities that want to attract diverse, thriving populations should look at creative musical culture in new ways and take steps to create conditions for live music to continue and thrive.

November 10, 2017
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We’d congregate in the fall on the driveway, rakes in hand, and commiserate in our utter disdain for raking leaves. And then, in the winter, shovels in hand, and commiserate in our utter disdain for shovelling show.

October 11, 2017
by David Farrell

In an editorial last week, David Farrell asked readers to fire back with what they think and, more important, what changes can be made to get future cultural policy on the right track.  Here’s what we have received so far.

October 2, 2017
by External Source

It's a deal that sniffs of favouritism to a foreign corporation and necessarily earns the enmity of powerful Canadian media companies.

Another one bites the dust
August 13, 2017
by Susan Daley

The oft overlooked tragic consequence that comes with company buyouts.

Michael Perlmutter looking into the future
May 31, 2017
by Kim Hughes

Money, songs, and music supervisors...

Field Trip Toronto music festival
May 1, 2017
by Bill King

As the weather warms, music festival activity across the country simultaneously picks up. Here's a guide to some of the highlights.