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October 26, 2022
by Kerry Doole

A full-blooded romp featuring lusty horns, soulful bvs, and Gord's spirited vocal.

October 18, 2022
by Kerry Doole

Catchy hooks, strong vocal harmonies, and top-notch production make this a contender.

Photo: villedepluie
October 12, 2022
by Kerry Doole

A ballad featuring soft and soulful vocals and delicate instrumentation.

Photo: Nate Shuls
October 5, 2022
by Kerry Doole

The R&B ballad features soulful vocals and confessional lyrics.

Photo: Colin Medley
September 28, 2022
by Kerry Doole

Jaunty horns, sweet Afrobeat guitar, and warm vocals meld nicely here.

September 21, 2022
by Kerry Doole

A minimal folk tune featuring gently warm melodies and vocals. 

Photo: Lane Dorsey
September 13, 2022
by Kerry Doole

Intense vocals and hard-edged production power this cut.

David Myles and Breagh Isabel  Facebook photo
September 7, 2022
by Kerry Doole

Sweet vocal harmonies and tender lyrics drive this lovely ballad.

August 30, 2022
by Kerry Doole

Hard-edged vocals and fiery instrumentation drive this cut.

Photo by Hollie Pocsai & Dilyara Mukhamedzhanova
August 24, 2022
by Kerry Doole

A gently beguiling slice of electro-pop from masters of the genre.

Photo: Vanessa Heins
August 16, 2022
by Kerry Doole

Mellow strings help make this an atmospheric epic.

Photo: Heather Saitz
August 9, 2022
by Kerry Doole

A warm and melodic tune with tinges of psychedelia.